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Jessica Dolan
Hi, my name is Jessica Dolan of Room to Breathe Home Organizing & Staging and I am an anal retentive, neat freak. Oh, wait a second, this isn’t my OA (Organizers Anonymous) introduction. Yes, I will fully admit that I’m “one of those people”. “One of those” individuals who is on time for appointments, knows where everything in the house is located, can place my fingers on a file in 5 seconds flat, and has time each and every single day to do just what I want…and not feel the least bit guilty while I’m doing it! I AM a Professional Organizer….or rather a Bringer of Order!

I really love what I do and I know that I can make enormous changes in people’s lives, homes and offices. As you know, the work itself isn’t always much fun and is rather tedious. I’m looking to lighten it up a bit.

Some of you may be asking yourselves “what the heck is a professional organizer?” A professional organizer enriches your life by helping you to decrease stress, increase productivity, increase efficiency, improve physical environments, save money, and last, but definitely not least, allow you to regain time for yourself. This is done by designing systems that use simple organizing principles designed uniquely around you and your situation. There is no right or wrong, only what works for you!

Would you really want to work with someone who is sort-of organized, mostly on time or has a general idea of where an item is located? I don’t think so! Trust me, you want the anal retentive, neat freak and that’s exactly who I am!

Did I mention that my methods for successful organizing have been featured at several Professional Women’s events? In addition, I’m the

  • Co-founder and past President of WiNGs (Women’s Network Group)
  • Creator of the EWE (Entrepreneurial Women’s Expo)
  • Member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Gold Circle
  • Member of NAPO Pittsburgh Chapter
  • SCORE Mentor
  • 2015 Foremost Under 40 Recipient
  • 2009 Recipient of Rotary Work Exchange Program (spent 30 days in Philippines doing work exchange)
  • 2008 Leadership Centre County Graduate
  • 2008 PA’s Best 50 Women in Business Recipient
  • 2007 Top 100 Business

I’m truly looking forward to helping you create room to breathe in your lives, cheesy I know, but so true!

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Bringer of Order


PA HIC 081856



Candi Parsons

Hi, my name is Candi Parsons and I am a proud member of the Room to Breathe organizing team! I like to think that I am as sweet as my name implies, and I know that I am organized by nature so I am living life in my happy place. Decluttering, simplifying, organizing…these are all things I do on a daily basis at work AND in my home, which I will admit can be challenging at times with a husband and 2 school aged boys in the house!  But, we integrate daily our systems of color coded calendars, labeled bins, responsibility charts for the kiddos, well you get the picture, and we all work together as a cohesive unit. Most importantly, it frees up time to enjoy each other, make memories doing the simple things and allows me to watch my boys grow into fine young men before it passes me by.

If you are ready to find your happy place, then I am your gal! I can help you tackle whatever space is holding you back. I will work with you to find the solutions and systems that will work best for you. Whether it is as big as the whole house or as small as the dreaded “junk” drawer (which by the way when properly organized can affectionately be called the “drawer of useful things”), we will do it together and set you free with more room to breathe!!

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lydia croppedLydia Myers
Watching home movies is a ton of fun! Organizing and finding space for all those movies…not so much. Ever wish your video tape collection were as easy to watch and organize as your DVD collection? Well, that’s why Jessica has added my services to Room to Breathe.

I’ve been helping people transform their dusty old video tapes into high quality DVDs since 2004. Just think, no more having to fast forward or rewind to find your favorite parts. And you know how time and use degrades those video tapes? DVDs are lossless, which means your home movies are protected and won’t fade away.

In addition to video transferring, I also offer audio and photographic services. Imagine listening to your old records and cassette tapes on CD or watching your old slides and photos as a DVD slideshow. What a fun way to reminisce with family and friends!

Together we can organize, enhance and preserve your memories for generations to come.

Feel free to email me at

Digital Diva

*Lydia is an independent contractor



We are proud to have worked with some amazing people over the years…thank you to our past team members:

Hilary Haris

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Liz Hoesley (not pictured)














Officially Retired 2011…Hi, I’m the “Pathfinder” (I really am a Nissan Pathfinder) and I assist the almighty Bringer of Order in her quest to create clutter free paths through your home, office and life. I just love a carload of charitable donations weighing down my back end! In this case, bigger is better!

Call when you see me out and about to earn 1 hour of FREE service!

I look forward to our visit with you soon!

-Pathfinder aka Clutter Mobile



Room to Breathe currently services Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Virgina, and Vermont.  Let us know if you don’t see your state listed…we’re happy to discuss options!