Home Organizing Testimonials

“I’ve never seen anyone so suited to her work as you are – you’re creative, hard working, diligent and so good with helping people make tough decisions about getting rid of or rearranging their “stuff.” You take a lot of the pain away!”

-Suzan, formerly Boalsburg now Iowa


“Thank you so much for coming last night.  We are a big hot mess when it comes to these organization things, but your ideas (especially on where to store the girls shoes!) are just not things I would automatically think.  We were doing so well and then stalled out.  I’m anxious to get things kicked off again.  Thanks also for not making us feel like idiots.  🙂

You are on my list of things I’m thankful for this year!  You’ve helped us so much!!!”

-Olivia, Hollidaysburg


“Jessica is creative, hard-working and enjoys working with her clients. She is an effective consultant whom I praise and recommend to anyone looking to sell a house or just bring order to their lives.”

-Jennifer, Port Matilda


“Jessica is a true professional in her field. She can quickly and accurately assess your organizational needs and help you figure out why your current system isn’t working so you can avoid slipping back into old patterns of disorganization. Most importantly, Jessica is an excellent listener and will work with you to come up with a system that works for your individual style. Her friendly nature and creative thinking makes her a joy to work with.”

-Teri, formerly State College, now Minnesota


“It has been so wonderful to collaborate with you to get more simplified.

And thanks for keeping my hopes and dreams in confidence. =;~) It is such a treat to hang out and share such things! I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you that.

You are so terrific at what you do, on every level!”

-Rachel, State College


“Thank you for all you’ve done!!  You have been and continue to be an awesome resource, an inspiration to me, and so much more!  I appreciate the caring approach you take.”

-Sarah, State College


“I want to thank you for your incredible help in getting me to “face the music” of necessary de-cluttering and showing me the way toward having an organized home. You’ve done that with intelligence, sensitivity, and humor… I love and respect you and your talent.”

-Wendy, State College


“I love the way your mind works, and so enjoy collaborating with you to make things work. It feels so much better in here and it’s just been a few hours.”

-Rachel, Boalsburg


“As the year comes to a close, I’m reflecting on all my gifts and blessings I’ve gathered through the year. You are definitely a blessing to me. You are a big part of helping me start to organize and feel more calm in my home. With your ideas, we have made a big change to our dining room, which makes it less cluttered and more of a “dining room”. The office is not finished, but is on its way in my head, at least. : )

Thank you so much for the hints here and there, even the nudge with online bill-pay which makes that job so much easier. You also introduced us to Craiglist! ; ) I’m sure your ideas and talents have helped so many people this year.

I’d like to contact you sometime in the new year to help me one-on-one, side-by-side “in the trenches” of my office to finally get it beautiful and functional.”

-Grace, Bellefonte


Dear Bringer of Order,
You are a delight to work with.  Thank you for bringing your freshness and creativity and energy into my new home.  It’s going to be AWESOME because of your help.

Darlene, Pine Grove Mills


“I want you to know that you REALLY helped me this year. It’s reflected in new habits I’ve internalized, especially in the kitchen, some in my office and in using the garage on these cold days. And enjoyed working with and learning from you.THANK YOU!”

-Charlie, State College


“My eternal thanks!  I do indeed have “room to breathe” as well as inspiration to continue with the rest of my house.”

-Cindy, Boalsburg


“Thank you Jessica:
It is a good thing we went through everything and organized the basement because that side took on water last night during the rain storm. So……………..thank you again!!”

-Brenda, State College